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LED direct replacement tubes, EPS and IPS

LED Tubes - No Rewiring Required

Our LED tubes deliver superior performance, exceptional reliability, high lumen output and will last for many years. Great for businesses wanting to update existing fluorescents or for new builds that what energy efficiency with traditional looking fittings. All our LED tubes come with 3 years warranty

 Watch here for proof of how easy it is:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_h1CZMgWdM 
  • 600 Tube - A 2 foot direct replacement LED tube with excellent lumen output.
  • 1200 Tube - A low power consumption LED tube that is 4 foot long and comes with a replacement starter.
  • 1500 Tube - A replacement for the traditional fluorscent, this tube is extremely energy efficient.
  • 1800 Tube - The longest tube we have currently available, like all our other tubes it provides great energy savings.

3 Year Warranty * All of our tubes fit into standard T8/T10 fittings and provide excellent return on investment.

A 600mm internal power supply LED tube that is an excellent direct replacement for traditional T8/T10 fluorescent tube. 
A 1200mm internal power supply tube, that is not only a direct replacement for standard fluorescent fiiting, but also offers excellent energy efficiency.
A marvellous direct replacement for traditional T8/T10 1500mm fluorescent tube, this tube also generates massive energy savings.
The 1800mm IPS direct replacement LED tube has a really low power consumption and generates a great 80 lumens per Watt.
An emergency power pack for 1500mm and 1800mm  LDF tubes, ensures your lighting stays on in a power outage