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Poultry Rope Light

Here at Exled we know that when raising poultry hens you have to cater to their very selective needs, so we have created the Agri-Range Poultry series that includes the unique LED Bedding Rope Light and LED Droplight.
  • Reduce mortality rates
  • Lower feather wear
  • Better bird distribution
  •  No ultraviolet light
  • Increase chicken wellbeing

The Agri-Range works best with our 48 Volt transformer and its optimised lighting levels and the best LED colour temperatures improve the welfare of poultry and yield highest production results.

A specifically designed product for aisle lighting between colonies in poultry sheds, our LED Droplight increases chicken wellbeing. 
Product specifically designed to provide the ideal lighting conditions to promote healthy stock our LED Bedding rope light is 48V and warm white.