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LED waterproof rope lights

Professional LED Rope Light

Exled Professional quality LED Rope light is a reliable and very tough waterproof LED lighting system for feature lighting and utility lighting in agricultural buildings. Unique on the market and not to be compared with typical LED encapsulated ribbon. A serious long term LED lighting solution that can be used inside and out, that can light up anything from signs to escalators. This is a completely different product to typical decorative LED rope light used for festive lighting.

  • EX72 Blue Rope Light - Flexible Blue waterproof LED rope light that has 72 LEDs per metre with a bright blue light.
  • EX180 Rope Light - Powerful professional ropelight, this rope has many colour options and has 180 top spec LEDs per metre.
  • Poultry Rope Light - Designed for poultry sheds, this LED rope light is designed to increase the wellbeing and yields of laying hens .

Most of our LED Rope Lights requires a 24 Volt transformer and all are supplied with clips for mounting as standard as well as all the power cords and end caps you require. Extras are available on request.
Our EX72 square section LED rope light is a highly flexible LED lighting system that uses 72 LEDs per metre, to give you consistent light all the way down its length. Waterproof Easy to...
A very powerful, bright top quality LED rope light that is great for cove lighting and direct or indirect accent lighting in almost any environment. Reliable, flexible and consistent colour....
Here at Exled we know that when raising poultry hens you have to cater to their very selective needs, so we have created the Agri-Range Poultry series that includes the unique LED Bedding Rope...