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SX P9 Strips

These SX P9 LED strips are very robust as they are in a protective, rigid, clear plastic case, are 12 Volts, they can be plugged directly together to create an unending line of light and can be supplied with interconnectable strips allow you to take the light round corners.

  •  SX P9 Cool White - A very durable 12 Volt LED lighting strip in cold white.
  • SX P9 RGB - This LED strip has a red, green and blue chip in every LED, so with the help of a controller you can make almost any colour you could imagine.
  • SX P9 Warm White - This LED strip is in a warm white, making it great for kitchens and waiting rooms.
  • SX P9 Neutral White - A LED strip with a colour that is midway between cool and warm white.


This cool white strips is encased in protective, rigid, clear plastic casing, making it great in environments that could need wiping down.
This RGB strip is easy to install and when used with a colour controller can be used to produce a wide of range of colours and patterns.
A rigid 12 volt strip that gives off a very pleasant white light, that is marvellous for bringing a touch of warmth to almost any area. 
A neutral white 12 volt strip that is easy to join together as it has male and female connections, making it very quick to install.