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Copper Ribbon Tape

Exled’s 12 Volt LED ribbon tape can be used for decorative and architectural accenting and is easy to install with adhesive back.
  • White Copper Ribbon Tape - Available as cool white or warm white, this LED copper ribbon allows you to illuminate allsorts of spaces with a functional light.
  • Coloured Copper Ribbon Tape - This LED ribbon tape comes in blue, yellow, red or green making it great for company colours or artful highlighting.
  • RGB Ribbon Tape - The red, green and blue chips in this ribbon's LEDs allow complete customisation of the colour it generates.
A high quality fleixble 12 Volt copper ribbon LED tape in a bright cool white that has an adhesive back, making it very easy to install.
This flexible warm white 12 Volt copper ribbon tape will bring a pleasantly warm glow to those dull waiting rooms and receptions.  
This 12 volt energy efficient flexible crisp blue copper ribbon tape will bring a nicely relaxed and chilled feel to any bar, club or restaurant.
A high quality 12 volt LED copper ribbon tape that is yellow and is easy to install, thanks to being made with double sided tape on the back.
This 12 Volt energy efficient copper ribbon tape produces a vibrant red light, making it fantastic for illuminating exhibitions and art displays.
A bright green copper ribbon tape, this product is flexible, energy efficient and extremely easy to fit, with its self adhesive tape.
This RGB 12 Volt ribbon can be used to generate an impressive amount of colours and patterns when used with a RGB controller.