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LED Ceiling Panels

At Exled we manufacture a large range of top quality LED lighting ceiling panels with exceptional performance and outstanding reliability.

  • Nova Panel - Our most popular panels, the Nova 2 Panel comes with 2 independent LED light sections, whilst the Nova 3 Panel comes with 3 and both have a clean and tidy finish. Available in both cool and neutral white.
  • Nova Eco Panel - A very stylish LED ceiling panel with great light output that is perfect for installations on a budget. Also vailable in a 1200mm x 600mm version, both in cool white.
  • Nova Dim Panel - An elegant LED light ceiling panel that is dimmable on standard 0-10 Volt systems, it can be made to be IP54 rated or be CIBSE complaint  to work in dual light hospital wards. Available in cool and neutral white.
  • Nova Superbright Panel  Available in 4000K this panel delivers class leading light output and energy efficiency
  • Nova 1200 Dim Panel - Another spin on our Nova dimmable panel this ceiling panel fits in place of a standard 1200mm x 600mm ceiling panel. Available in cool white and neutral white.
  • Nova Panel Accessories - Here you can find our Nova panel emergency backup and our 600mm x 600mm surface mounting frame. 
Very bright and very efficiecnt LED panel delivering a class leading 110 lumens per watt. Delivering savings on installation costs and energy bills.
These exceptional 600mm x 600mm LED ceiling panels with 3 light engines have smooth finish making them suitable for clean rooms and they have outstanding reliability already proven in long...
Our Nova 2 panel has two separately controlled light sections that can be independently operated if necessary, making it a very versatile LED ceiling panel. Reliable Two light engines...
A quality LED panel that has an even light output and excellent reliability. The Nova Eco suitable for standard modular ceiling and designed for economical installations.
A quality LED 1200x600mm panel that has an great light output. The Nova 1200 Eco comes with an external power supply, which can be converted to an emergency supply. 
Superb lay-in 600mm x 600mm LED ceiling panel with very high energy efficiency as well as excellent quality and robust construction. These brilliant LED panels can be dimmed on a 1-10V...
A IP54 rated version of our Nova Dim range, this panel has all the normal characteristics of a dimmable LED panel with additional advantage of being splash proof.
The Tech-i Daylight Adjusting Panel is a direct replacement a 600 x600 grid light fitting that constantly monitors ambient lighting levels and adjusts its output to just 5.2W to keep lighting levels...
LED Panel with dual light levels settings for hospital ward lighting that are complaint with CIBSE rules. An exclusive twist on a great Nova panel.
These top quality and highly efficient LED ceiling panels have been designed for replacing 4 x 18 watt fluorescent fittings in modular ceilings and maintaining the light output, but...
Our LED ceiling panel accessories allow are Nova panels to be used in non-standard ways. The Nova emergency backups let you use a Nova 3 or Nova 2 panel for emergency lighting. Compact pack...