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Nova Day Night Panel

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Nova Day Night Pan


A Nova 600 x 600 panel purposely designed to comply with the CIBSE Lighting Guide. Many hospital wards have fluorescent ceiling panel lights that have been wired with a Night Mode switch, this LED panel is a direct replacement for these installations. It will operate at full brightness in normal operation and will step down to just 5 LUX when the existing ward “night time” mode is switched.

• CIBSE Compliant
• Energy Efficient
• Wipe Clean

Where to use:
Intended for hospital wards or other facilities that have to follow the CIBSE Lighting Guide.

Energy use:
42 Watts



Technical Spec

Voltage 230V
Wattage 42Watts
Lumen 3770 / 200
Colour Cool White
Beam Angle N/A
No. of LEDs N/A
Dimensions 595mm x 595mm
Material Steel/PMMA
Casing White
Guarantee 3 years

Power Supply (If applicable)

Controller Spec (If applicable)

Dimmer RGB Colour DMX addressable Extension Modules
Switched dimming N/A N/A N/A