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Neutral White Weatherproof 35 Nebula

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Neutral White Weatherproof 35 Nebula

Product Code: N35-BNW

This 35 Watt LED Nebula is designed for overhead lighting, is neutral white and has a great lumen output. It comes with a silver casing as standard. This fitting come with all this neccessary fixing to install it, giving you the option of suspension wire or fixing saddle clip. 

• IP65
• Great energy savings
• Robust fitting

• Stylish

Where to use:
Fantastic for shelters, supermarkets and storage facilities.

Energy use:
35 Watts



Technical Spec

Voltage 230V AC
Wattage 35W
Lumen 2200
Colour Neutral White
Beam Angle 112 degrees
No. of LEDs N/A
Dimensions L1180 x W145 x H65mm
Material Aluminium
Casing Silver or Black
Guarantee 2 years

Power Supply (If applicable)

Controller Spec (If applicable)

Dimmer RGB Colour DMX addressable Extension Modules