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Aeon Downlight

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Aeon Downlight

Product Code: AEON-32-3-W

The 1-10V dimmable Aeon brings a revolutionary slice of LED innovation. Unlike any other product to date, the Aeon supports a leading future proof design, allowing for the luminary to be changed without the need to replace the complete unit.
The light source can not only be replaced when its life is depleted, but it can be upgraded and improved as LED technology evolves. 

• 1-10V dimmable
• Halogen effect
• Easy to fit

Where to use:
Perfect for high end offices and receptions. 

Energy use:
20 Watts



Technical Spec

Voltage N/A
Wattage 20W
Lumen 1050
Colour Warm White
Beam Angle 32 degrees
No. of LEDs 1
Dimensions Fitting: 165 x 850
Material Aluminium
Casing Soft White
Guarantee 3 years

Power Supply (If applicable)

Controller Spec (If applicable)

Dimmer RGB Colour DMX addressable Extension Modules
1-10V/ DALI N/A N/A N/A