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Yeovil Hospital, Somerset

Yeovil District Hospital provides acute care for a population of about 185,000 based around South Somerset, North and West Dorset and parts of Mendip. The Trust provides a full range of services, with particular emphasis on enhancing patient recovery times through keyhole techniques and day surgery procedures, it has a total of 345 beds as well as a private patients’ wing.

Yeovil District Hospital has an excellent reputation and is consistently rated as being in the top ten of healthcare employers in the country. The Trust employs about 2,200 staff aiming to provide their iCARE promise which encapsulates respect for all within a clean, safe and friendly environment.

Working within the Trust’s need to provide a safe and good working environment the lighting needed to be refreshed in certain areas within the hospital. Yeovil wanted to look at superior alternatives rather than replacing their traditional lighting solutions for like for like due to their high energy consumptions and underperformance.
The Trust wanted to look at using sustainable, cost-effective and ultimately higher quality light fittings across its estate and would concentrate on key areas to trial these new lighting solutions.
Yeovil’s Facilities Manager, Ned Binding invited Exled to provide an onsite lighting survey of the Trust’s areas that needed to be concentrated on.  The main sections to be retrofitted included the hospital wards, kitchens, lift lobbies, corridors, women’s hospital and offices, and also some of the external walkways.
Following Exled’s recommendations and having visited and talked with other local hospital’s that had already fitted Exled LED lighting in areas over the trust, Yeovil decided that LED lighting solutions were the best choice for them too.
Yeovil District Hospital have installed LED lighting solutions across the different areas of the hospital with 130 Nova LED ceiling panels in Cool White and Neutral White and Era LED down lights installed in the wards, women’s hospital, corridors and offices, and Exled’s LED 70 Watt Comet Floodlights fitted in the outdoor walkways.
Exled’s LED lighting have outperformed expectations and with their low energy consumption, reduced carbon footprint and cut maintenance costs owing to the long life of the LEDs there is no need to continually replace blown bulbs and flickering panels.

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