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  • LED lighting in London Primary School

William Hogarth Primary School, London

William Hogarth School in Chiswick, London, was opened in 2001. Over the following years the need soon arose to provide more school places for local pupils. The site could not be easily extended so the decision was made to convert the gym into two classrooms.

The local Council of Hounslow needed to ensure that the retrofit and conversion met green initiative standards 
The Requirement
Changing of use of the school gym into two new high tech classrooms the lighting required was a challenge architecturally and aesthetically. The gym had very high ceilings with tall windows and the newly fitted suspended ceiling was still too high to sustain the light levels needed for a classroom when using the existing lighting fixtures in place around the rest of the school.
Exled were invited to carry out a site audit audit and offer a solution that would improve the poor lighting  levels but also have a carbon reduction incentive and be cost effective, as the council needed  to see quick paybacks in energy consumption.
LED ceiling panel lighting for schoolSolution
Changing the lighting  fixtures layout in the gym to a 600 x 600 grid system and using  Lux Plots prepared by the technical team at Exled, the arrangement of the lighting was the key to achieving the maximum gain with the best payback times.
The  Nova 3 Panel provided  uniformed light while using only 39 Watts, by comparison  the existing 4 x 18 Fluorescent tube fixtures used 80 Watts, the Nova Panel therefore gave an immediate  51% energy saving. Other areas of the school were also  improved using  the Solara Zen sensor controlled LED Bulkhead - helping the Classroom entrances be better illuminated.
The Outcome
Lighting Phase 1 was been completed at the School with the installation of 32  Nova Panels over the two converted classrooms. Future improvements for the entire School’s lighting are now planned using of Exled’s LED lighting range; include changing all of the classrooms to LED, retrofitting the corridor lighting and upgrading the external lighting. So the use of LED lighting the School will improve the lighting quality across all areas and significantly  reduce the energy consumption and carbon emissions, promoting a sustainable future.
The feedback from the Pupils and Staff was entirely positive with comments on how much better the new lighting looks and that it’s a brighter happier learning environment 
“I have recommended Exled and their LED lighting solutions to the other 92 primary and 14 secondary schools across the Borough and we are looking to use this school as the showcase locally where you can see the benefits of these lights in action.”

Ian Martin, Building Surveyor, London Borough of Hounslow, Corporate Property & Coordination Environment Department.

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