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Ecotricity Head office, Gloucestershire

A leading energy supplier with strong green credentials, Ecotricity has a simple but clear philosophy when it comes to decision making: if it’s good for the environment, then it’s good for their business.

Ecotricty made contact Exled in 2010 looking for cost-effective, sustainable, high quality lighting for 10,000 + square feet of office space accommodating around 100 of the company’s employees. They were renovating an old building which hadn’t been occupied for over 18 months, and  this provided Ecotricity with an opportunity to demonstrate their total dedication to reducing their own environmental footprint and to using new technology wherever possible.

With low carbon lighting at the top of the list Ecotricity also wanted a lighting solution that created an inspiring and motivating environment, they also recognised that hard working eyes need lighting which doesn’t buzz, glare or flicker.

With our excellent Nova commercial interior range we knew that we could help Ecotricity exactly with their requirement and provide them with environmentally friendly lighting and a strong return on investment.

After site visits and preparing photometric plots the NOVA CW panel was chosen and fitted throughout the ground floor, first floor and reception area, providing a stylish source of even, energy saving illumination. Around 400 panels were fitted.

As of December 2014 We are not aware of a single Nova LED panel that has failed. Naturally, Ecotricity are still delighted with the result!

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