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Banking Headquarters, Financial District, London

The London headquarters of this worldwide banking group was looking for a five year maintenance free solution for their suite of 44 meeting rooms. The rooms can be in use 24/7. The lighting system already in place was power hungry, and in need of frequent maintenance, but did provide the desired warm white colour that was considered appropriate for the environment.

The client was passionate about finding a unique, sustainable, long term solution. Not only must it offer the same high quality light, it also needed to adhere to their rigorous policy on reducing their carbon footprint. LED lighting was the obvious choice and Exled were contacted to help resolve their requirements.

Following site visits the AEON was selected from our commercial interior LED lighting range. The AEON offers the same high quality warm, dimmable light source but also gives a strong return on investment across every performance indicator: maintenance guarantees and costs, efficient driver design, high power factor, energy usage and no recycling costs.

AEON is the smart choice as unlike any other LED lighting system currently available, Bridgelux’s Helieon system allows for easy, upgradeability and replacement. With unmatched solid state technology from Bridgelux, the Helieon lighting system simplifies the process of designing, building and upgrading luminaries.

We were delighted to present a solution which was well designed, skilfully engineered and intolerant of waste.

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